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Cayetano expects PRP to unleash more attack ads

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Pacific Resource Partnership spent a lot of money advertising against Ben Cayetano's bid for Honolulu mayor. PRP's new anti-Cayetano ad hits the airwaves Wednesday.

"I expect it to be negative like they were in the primary when they spent $1.2 million to attack me," he said.

The old spots said Cayetano received illegal campaign contributions.

Political analyst John Hart said PRP may be wasting money and time if it continues going after Cayetano's anti-rail platform.

"Most people have made up their mind on rail," he said. "What you're doing when you do a media buy is you're spending an increasing amount of money on a decreasing amount of voters. In other words it's costing more money to move less votes."

Cayetano said a poll by his campaign shows PRP's primary election spots did cut into his voter base.

"It may have cost us a win in the primary, because I think we lost five points or so, according to the poll," he said.

Even so, Hart questions what PRP expects to gain by going another round.

"I would think you would put people on the ground and start canvassing and spending your money there. However, this is a campaign that can afford to do both," he said.

Cayetano and his mayoral opponent Kirk Caldwell, a rail supporter, appeared at a forum Monday on issues important to senior citizens.

When asked for comment on PRP's upcoming ad campaign, Caldwell's camp declined.

So did PRP director John White.

"They've gone so far and they've lied so much that the lawyers that I've consulted feel that even though I'm a public figure, they've crossed the line," Cayetano said.

A PRP spokesman said the group will comment after the new ad debuts.

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