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Terry's Take


There are two good films out there right now that many people have overlooked.

Frank Langella stars in ROBOT & FRANK, the funny and bittersweet story of a memory-challenged old man who used to be a jewel thief.

His adult son brings him a robot to help him around the house and bring some order to is life. The movie is  set in the near future, which makes possible this almost human robot who is constantly trying to get Frank to eat right, exercise, and engage in projects like making a garden. Frank is adamantly opposed to everything the robot proposes.

Langella is terrific as this aging man suffering from the early stages of dementia. He soon finds a way to get the robot to cooperate in a project of his own choosing: He teaches the robot how to pick locks.
You can see where this is going: the robot becomes an accomplice as Frank resumes his former career as a jewel thief.

But there's a lot more to this movie than clever comedy, because Frank is a fully human character who understands that he's  never been a good father to his grown son (James Marsden) and daughter (Liv Tyler). 

And then there's Susan Sarandon as the librarian he'd like to know better.

ROBOT & FRANK is only showing in Kahala which is a shame because it's a crowd pleasing film that should be on screens everywhere.

The other film few people seem to know about is SLEEPWALK WITH ME.

Stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia has turned his own life into an entertaining feature film that he narrates and stars in himself.
The film chronicles Mike's evolution from lame jokester to popular comic.
It also reveals his inability to commit to or leave the woman he's been in a relationship with for 8 years.

And to make matters more complicated, as the title suggests, Mike sleepwalks.

SLEEPWALK WITH ME is full of self-deprecating humor from a guy you can't help but like.     

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