Dobelle Knows Why He Was Fired

(Honolulu) -- Evan Dobelle believes he knows why the University of Hawaii Board of Regents chose last week to fire him as president.

Dobelle says the regents didn't want him to attend a Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission meeting last Friday.

A commission report based on a March visit to Hawaii said the relationship between the regents and Dobelle threatened the national accreditation of the school's three four-year campuses.

Dobelle called it "an extraordinarily abusive situation."

Dobelle also says his firing was politically motivated, but he declined to say whether Governor Lingle was behind the move.

The exact reason for Dobelle's dismissal hasn't been revealed.

But two regents have said Dobelle's mixed official and personal use of a fund-raising slush fund was one issue given serious consideration in the board's deliberations.

Dobelle is denying any significant use of fund money for personal purposes.

Meanwhile the attorney who is representing Dobelle has scheduled a news conference on Friday.