iPhone 5 craze hits Hawaii

iPhone 5 craze hits Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It started before sunrise. "It feels crazy," said Sha-Lei Kamauu who only got under two hours of sleep to wait in line at the Ala Moana Apple store for the latest iPhone. "I have goosebumps, and I am so excited!"

Die hard fans gathered at Apple stores across the globe today. Hawaii was the last state to WAIT for the newest of the smartphones: the iphone 5.

"I am always on Facebook, texting, instagram, all that good stuff," said Chaz Kamauu.

Chaz and his sister Sha-Lei were one of the first in front of the line this morning at Ala Moana, and they this sophisticated phone is always on them, in fact, they can't leave home without it.

"I need to turn around like immediately, no matter how late I am, I will turn around," Chaz said as he thinks of leaving the house without his phone.

The iphone 5 will now be thinner, lighter, faster and a little bigger than the 4s. These plus other features are why people waited in long lines this morning before dawn.

"Group texting, and my Andriod can't group text, so that is one feature I am looking forward to," said Jeannie Layco.

Jeannie is now saying farewell with the old and hello to the only LTE 4G iPhone Apple has out there.

"Good-bye!" exclaimed Jeannie, as she looked down at her old phone.

After a little nap on lounge chairs and last minute browsing on the old Apple products, the count-down begins.

"Three, two, one.." the crowd begins to get loud and count down as the doors open to the Apple store.

And in these iPhone fans eyes, patience sure did pay off.

"It was all worth it, the wait was worth it," said Sha-Lei.

"We got it!" exclaimed Cherish Matautia who is dedicating her wait for the iphone 5 to her mother who just passed away from breast cancer a month ago since her mom always wanted to have one. "I got the iphone that you wanted, that we wanted."

"This is way… way lighter, and it feels nicer in your hand," said Chaz as he compares his old iPhone with his new one.

There's plenty of consumer interest with the new sophisticated phones.  Already 2 million have been sold in pre-orders alone within the first 24 hours. Consumer analysts are expecting records to be shattered this weekend, and by the end of the month they are projecting for at least 10 million to be off of store shelves.

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