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Suspected bank robber's mother says meth ruined her son

Jeani Martin Jeani Martin
Joshua Hauck Joshua Hauck
Sarah Hill Sarah Hill
Noah Hamilton Noah Hamilton
Louanne Lisk Louanne Lisk

The most recent image Jeani Martin saw of her son, Joshua, was in a CRIMESTOPPERS alert last week. It said that he was wanted by police for allegedly robbing a bank.

"I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it," she said.

She couldn't believe it because the son she knew was bright and hardworking and kept a roof over their heads.

"Every day he worked five jobs. He went from one to the next to the next to the next from six in the morning to midnight every day to keep the house," she said.

She said Joshua lived by Christian ethics. He counseled teenagers at his church. Surfing was an outlet when he wasn't working in real estate or as a waiter or as a short term stock trader on the foreign exchange.

"He would help anybody, even if he had to go without," she said.

But a few years ago Joshua began to change.

"When I'd run into him in the stores I could tell he was under the influence of something," his church friend Sarah Hill said.

That something was crystal meth.

His mother said his addiction was deep and devastating. The young man who had warned teenagers away from drugs was handcuffed to them. Kindness turned to rage.

"He went from a really nice, fun-loving, cheerful, happy guy to a violent, angry guy," she said.

"We all know people that abuse and sell the drugs. And you see it kind of start to affect their mind and their thought process," friend Noah Hamilton said.

Joshua withdrew from everyone, fell into odd jobs and lived in his car.

Clinical neuropsychologist Louanne Lisk helps ice addicts recover. She said Joshua's behavior demonstrates the ruthlessness of meth.

"All of these things serve to make them very difficult to manage their behavior," she said. "Then they end up doing things that are frankly criminal as a result of the drive to obtain the drug."

In April, Joshua told his mother he was leaving Kauai. One day he disappeared. Then came news of a bank robbery on Oahu and the photograph of her 31-year-old son on a wanted poster.

"I have cried a lot since Thursday when I found that out," Jeani said.

"I was heart broken. I've seen drugs destroy so many people's lives," Hill said.

Before he fell into meth Joshua was a provider, paying bills his mother couldn't pay when she got sick. When she recovered he helped her start her own business.

She misses that son.

"I keep his real estate picture on the refrigerator of what he used to be like, what he used to look like," she said.

Jeani said when he was right, Joshua would walk their dogs faithfully. But the man he was turned into someone else.

When asked what she would say to him if she could see him, the tears came.

"I would say, 'Joshua, I really love you. and I'm always here for you,'" she said.

On Friday Joshua Hauck will be in federal court at his detention hearing. His mother never dreamed it would come to this, but it has.


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