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EXCLUSIVE: Hawaii Five-0 fan frenzy

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The stars of Hawaii Five-O set off a fan frenzy. Thousands of screaming admirers greeted the cast at last year's Sunset on the Beach Premiere, and this year will be the same. But, the cast doesn't see the fascination.

Tannya Joaquin asked the stars about their diehard fans. "You have some diehard crazy fans. I mean they want me to like steal your clothes. That's what they're asking" said Tannya when she sat down with Alex O'Loughlin for an interview recently on the Hawaii Five-O set. "You can have my clothes if you want" responded Alex. "You want them now or after? I'll give them to you after the interview so it's not weird."

Grace Park still hasn't gotten used to the attention, "It's not flattering. All weird. I'm sure a lot of people are what's her problem. It's all flattering. I'm so not like that" said Park.

Scott Caan, on the other hand, eats it up. He says, "It's not weird. I'm flattered by it. I think it's cool. It's nice to have people like what you do."

So how far will fans go? Daniel Dae Kim said, "I've had my share of mail. Some pictures that aren't safe for work."

Alex O'Loughlin says he feels bad that he doesn't do more for fans on facebook or twitter, but that he's so disorganized and busy, he needs an assistant just to open his mail.  "Part of me wishes I can express to the fans more often and more easily my appreciation" said Alex, "I don't know, they're the best." Alex blew a kiss to fans as a thank you and continued by saying, "In all seriousness, my fans are excellent. They remember my birthday, they send me the most amazing cards and gifts." Even though he says he can't watch his own acting.

But Scott Caan got the ultimate Birthday present. A special birthday song from diehard Danno fan, Nandra Best. She sings his praises to the tune of "call Me Maybe." She was dying to know if he ever saw it so Tannya asked. "I know it was just your birthday. Did you happen to see the cute viral video from your fan?" Caan's response? "I did. It was great. I think we should get her on the show or something. I love her. She was great. Thank you so much. If she was watching. Thank you. It was really great."

The show's stars are happy to give a present back to fans... another Sunset on the Beach premiere.

Are you ready for the Hawaii Five-O Season 3 Premiere at Sunset on the Beach on Sunday? Hawaii News Now will be live streaming from the red carpet, right on the HNN Facebook page! Bookmark the link and be sure to tune in on Sunday at 5pm for the premiere!

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