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THE LINE KING: Opportunities abound, if you know where to look

(RNN) - My editor Skeeter Brown told me to tone it down this week because I was being so abrasive and cruel that sensitive fans of the $EC teams I write about were becoming offended. I do apologize, but bear in mind that I look on these teams as a commodity. Guys who work the floor at the Chicago Board of Trade don't get all sentimental over pork bellies.

The $EC came woefully close to finishing the weekend 1-3 against the Sunbelt Conference and it is clear that Mississippi might not be able to compete for the GulfSouth Conference title. Tennessee fans will need to be talked down off the ledge and anyone who actually follows Kentucky football can officially start to concentrate on basketball.

The Vanderbilt fan can keep the dream alive that the Commodores still have a shot at the Birmingham Bowl.

On the flip side, either Alabama is that dominating or Arkansas has imploded so violently a supernova will emerge in Fayetteville. LSU has dominated the Pacific Northwest (Washington and Idaho).

Florida continues to impress on the road and Georgia continues to underachieve. The jury is still out on South Carolina.

And at this rate it's going to take The Line King 25 years to recognize the two miscellaneous teams, A&M and Mizzou as members of the $EC.

All times are Eastern:

Saturday, Sept. 22

Mississippi @ Tulane (+15) noon, FSN

The Flood (actually UM's team name until 1936) vs. The Wave. The Hotty Toddy vs. The Hullabaloo. The Bad vs. The Ugly. Tulane's first game after Devon Walker's horrific injury against Tulsa. The good no, make that great news is Devon has made and continues to make progress in what will be a long road to recovery. The bad news is Tulane is hosting an $EC team. The good news is, it's Mississippi. The bad news is there will be more Flood fans in the Dome than Wave fans. The good news is, it's Mississippi.

Kentucky @ Florida (-24.5) 12:21p.m., $EC Network

Don't feel sorry for Kentucky, they still have Samford on their schedule...SAMFORD, not Stanford and they will still pick up a huge check at the end of the year from Darth Vader aka Mike Slive regardless of their embarrassing performances.

Mizzou @ South Carolina (-10) 3:30 p.m., CBS

At about 4:15 Saturday afternoon or 6 Sunday morning, most Missouri fans who make the trip to Columbia will need to be reminded again exactly why the team with the westernmost location in the league is in the $EC East. Expect the visor to be thrown quite a bit-it's a nationally televised game. Look  but do not touch. Too many weird things.

Florida Atlantic @ Alabama (-50), 4 p.m., PPV

Bammer claims a share of the Sunbelt title. New Orleans Bowl officials will be there to present the official invitation. Fifty is a lot.

Rutgers (+5) @ Arkansas 7 p.m., ESPNU

If you see a very bright light on the horizon Saturday night, it's that super nova erupting in downtown Fayetteville. It might happen. Proceed at your own risk.

LSU (-19) @ Auburn 7 p.m., ESPN

Remember the "Earthquake Game"? The "Fire Game"? Classic moments in this "rivalry". It will take an earthquake, fire and one or two additional acts of God for Auburn to win this game. They most likely won't cover either unless they complete a Hail Mary at the end of the first half and complete a flea-flicker touchdown in the second.

South Alabama @ Mississippi State (-34.5) 7 p.m., TBD

You know it's a dud game when it's not even "PPV". Mississippi State could have scored 50+ points last Saturday in Troy, but didn't; and Troy might have scored 51 points, but they didn't, either, and Mississippi State was lucky to win. Fear not, it's South Alabama, not Troy, and a five-touchdown margin is not out of the question.

South Carolina State @ Texas A&M 7 p.m., FSN

Speaking of "PPV", how does this get a slot on FSN?

Akron @ Tennessee (-35) 7:30 p.m., CSS

Tennessee whups up on the Zips and Big Orange fans get geared up for next year's game in the Swamp. Wait, I thought THIS year was NEXT year?

Vanderbilt @ Georgia (-14) 7:45 p.m., ESPN2

How bad will Georgia underachieve this week? Vandy is a threat once a year to show up and play and the Vandy fan is riding high after last week's stomping of the Blue Hose. So going against any sound judgement, The Line King will take the Dogs...but the "For Sale" signs are still being held in reserve.

Kansas State (+14) @ Oklahoma 7:30 p.m., FOX

Aggieville > Norman and purple teams seem to be good picks this year.

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