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Jennifer Robbins

In a few words I would describe myself as an adventurer, world traveler, storm chaser and outdoor enthusiast who has a true passion for meteorology, oceanography and the Earth sciences. I graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelor of science degree in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, which is a calculus and physics based meteorology degree. I also have a journalism degree from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

Some of my most memorable adventures include rock climbing up a 600 ft. cliff in Yosemite, hiking to the top of Half Dome, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, facing the white water rapids of Rotorua in New Zealand, watching glow worms while black water rafting through caves, hiking the Na Pali coast of Kauai, snow shoeing the mountains of Idaho, riding scooters in the busy streets of Vietnam, zip-lining through the trees and canyons of Catalina, and launching from a 3,500 ft. peak while hang gliding over Los Angeles. I also get such a rush when I go on a severe weather or tornado chasing extravaganza!  I also enjoy hiking and getting a bird's eye view of my surroundings while watching the clouds form around me. It is the best feeling!

I am excited about the adventures ahead in beautiful Hawaii. I know it is one of the most beautiful places in the universe, and I feel so blessed to live here! Hawaii is a special place for my family, because this is where my mom first lived after escaping the Vietnam war. Hawaii was her first "home" in the states, and it reminded her of her hometown of Can Tho with the lush tropical plants and warm weather. Hawaii is where my mom also received her US citizenship while living on Oahu, before she met my dad in San Diego.

While growing up, we had a family restaurant in Coronado where I learned to cook from the best of the best (my mom, of course). She makes the most delicious phở and I enjoy making gỏi cuốn (summer spring rolls) and cha gio (Vietnamese egg rolls) using her scrumptious recipes and tips. My brother, two sisters, and I helped work at our family restaurant while our dad enjoyed "sampling" the food which became his night job (his day job: working for the Navy as a dentist).

Before coming to Hawaii, I worked with what I would call the best news crew in Los Angeles at KABC TV, as a broadcast meteorologist and the primetime weather producer. I learned a few weather moves from one of America's most animated and enthusiastic meteorologists, Dallas Raines (he is such a great role model and he sure knows how to crouch, do the fist pump and golf swing). He suggested that in Hawaii my new move should be doing the hula while giving the weather report (what do you think?!). I also worked in Boise, Idaho at KBOI-TV as a broadcast meteorologist and environmental reporter. While attending college, I interned at KRON TV in San Francisco and KNSD TV in San Diego.  I also worked for the County of San Diego's Media and Public Relations Department, as well as, the Air Pollution Control District.

I am thrilled to be a part of the Sunrise ohana (they are a great bunch) and Hawaii News Now's severe weather team with Guy Hagi, Dan Cooke and Ben Gutierrez. When I am not tracking weather or up bright and early on Sunrise, I will likely be embarking on my next outdoor outing with my husband (likely hitting the beaches, swimming, running trails and hiking across the islands).  I also look forward to volunteering in the community and visiting schools. I'll be on a mission to get students excited about the Earth Sciences, and I hope to motivate them about getting involved in the world of science and mathematics. It really is amazing how much you can do in the field, and how being involved in a science career can lead you to make a positive and everlasting imprint on wonderful Mother Earth.

I am touched by the Aloha spirit, and I feel so blessed to call the Aloha state my home.

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