Navatek I - Iniki 20 Years Later

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - With all of our coverage this week of Iniki 20 years later, we have heard some remarkable stories about those difficult days.

The Navatek I was the first non-military vessel allowed in the harbor after the storm. Eric Schiff of Navatek tell us they put the word out via radio that the ship would be heading to Kauai the night of September 12, 1992. Hundreds of people showed up to donate food, supplies and even generators to the people of Kauai. Plus scores of volunteers from the Red Cross and other organizations got on that ship.

When the Navatek I got to Kauai, it loaded up about 400 FedEx employees who had been on the island for a convention and brought them back to Oahu.

A long overdue mahalo to Navatek I for its early and much needed support of the people of Kauai following Iniki.

Check out the video.

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