WeCar offers UH students access to hybrid rental

WeCar offers UH students access to hybrid rental
Rie Miyoshi
Rie Miyoshi

Classes are in full swing at University of Hawaii, Manoa, and we all know how congested traffic can be to and from campus.

"The traffic is crazy and that is why I end up walking to school," said Rie Miyoshi, UH senior.

Now there's a new option for those who go car-less, but occasionally, need a set of wheels.  Enterprise Rent-a-Car and UH, this week, launched the "WeCar" program.

This will allow students, faculty, and campus approved businesses to have the option to rent an hybrid car located on campus by the hour.

"It is very inexpensive, we have cars as low as $10 an hour," said Crysttal Atkins, Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, Commuter Services.

"It is meant to be another alternative, so people don't have to bring their car every day and fight for a parking place," remarked Atkins.

Atkins said once you sign up it is really easy. You will get a card in the mail, the "WeCar" card, and it gives you access to three hybrid cars housed on campus.  These cars have their own parking spots.  When you are visiting the Mainland and go to places with "We Cars," Atkins said you can rent cars there, too.

Students so far are giving the "WeCar" two thumbs up.

"I am super excited about the 'WeCar!" said Miyoshi, while giving two thumbs up.

At first, UH will have three cars for rent on a first come; first serve basis. If the program catches on, you could see more of these WeCars out on the road.

Click HERE for more information on how to be a part of the "WeCar" program.  You have to be at least 21 years old and have a valid drivers' license.

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