Seepage swamps Papakolea properties

Seepage swamps Papakolea properties
Allen Bird
Allen Bird

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - When it rains over Papakolea some of the properties along the slope on Kapahu Street inevitably will get flooded. It has gotten so bad some residents say the Department of Hawaiian Homelands should never have built homes there.

The heavy showers that fall on and around Allen Bird's duplex create a soggy predicament in his backyard. He documented the damage in a YouTube video. It shows rivers of water seeping to the surface beneath his home.

He said it's been happening during heavy rains since he moved to the neighborhood in 2001. The seepage threatens to compromise the footing under his house. He's worried about his duplex collapsing and his retaining wall giving way.

"With the amount of water that pools in this area there have been some major cracks in the wall," he said.

Another resident emailed Hawaii News Now rainy day photos of ground water flooding into her home. The seepage affects four properties on Kapahu.

Bird said DHHL hasn't been able to pinpoint the source or stop it.

"I'd like to see some type of drainage system that will actually stop the water from entering my property," he said.

In a statement, DHHL said, "The department has been reviewing a 2012 engineering analysis of the alleged problems and is considering how it may be of assistance in resolving these problems."

"It appears that it's just groundwater that's seeping through the material," Bird said.

He has held up home improvements for fear of what might happen when it rains.

"We wanted to put in a bottom level. and we were interested in expanding the home and then adding some decks," he said.

Another affected homeowner said DHHL should label their properties unlivable and relocate them. Bird won't go that far.

"But certainly for any of the damages, whatever has happened thus far, we would like some kind of compensation," he said.

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