Local Connection: Rail Roadblock

Local Connection: Rail Roadblock

By: Rick Blangiardi

There is a lesson to be learned from the newest roadblock to rail. And it goes far beyond mass transit policy. We've found a lot of rail criticism to be unfair. Any valid financial criticism of it would go double for new highways.

And it's especially misleading to demean the good it would do by comparing one line to all the roads on Oahu. But the complaint about segmenting the archeological investigation feels reasonable to us.

In fact, it feels like Superferry all over again... Too many corners were cut... Providing legal grounds to block the project. We understand that planners want to speed up a project they feel is valid.

But it doesn't speed up a project - it slows it down, by giving opponents an excuse to stand in its way.

Regardless of your views about either superferry or rail, the lesson here is that when there is a project you do support, urge officials *not* to cut corners to make things move faster.

Because there is nothing, fast about a protracted legal battle over a side issue.

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