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Movie Review: PREMIUM RUSH

PREMIUM RUSH is an exciting, high energy movie about a daredevil bicycle messenger in Manhattan who's being chased all over the city by a dirty cop.
The film is creative and fast paced from beginning to end with a main character (Wilee-played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) you can't help but like.

 (Bike messenger's cell phone rings; he answers with blue tooth.)
Voice on phone:" Wilee, I've got a package for you. 90 minutes: Premium Rush. (cut to a man outside pickup point)
Man on the street: Hey, that envelope you picked up. I gotta ask for it back.
Wilee: Who are you?
Man: Not your problem.
Wilee: The thing is one's it goes in the bag, it's gotta stay in the bag.
Man: You got a name, a family, people who care if they see you again?
Wilee: Who are you, man?  

And with that, Wilee leaps on his bike and takes off. The chase is on and it goes on for almost the whole movie.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the charismatic Wilee, the fastest bike messenger in Manhattan. Wilee doesn't know what's in the premium rush envelope he's carrying, but he's not about to give it up.
Michael Shannon is both threatening and vulnerable as Bobby, the dirty cop who's after him.  Bobby desperately wants  to steal the big money order ticket inside Wilee's bag, so he can pay off a serious gambling debt. Never mind that the money is supposed to pay for the safe passage to America of a young boy in China.

These details are revealed in one of several brief flashbacks that add more tension to the breakneck chase.

Really, this movie is all about the thrill of that wild chase through the crowded streets. Over and over, Wilee risks his life on a one speed bike with no brakes.

His sometime girlfriend: Aren't you afraid of dying? I mean the way you ride!
Wilee: You Anna know what scares me is what happened to my friends who just got out of law school. That is collective insanity. Compared to that, going' down
Broadway at 50 with no brakes is fine.

PREMIUM RUSH won't win any screenwriting prizes, but the amazing shots of these intrepid bikers rushing through the city are exhilarating and lots of fun.

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