Honolulu ranks No. 1 in late-night search for love

Honolulu ranks #1 in late-night search for love

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Sleepless in Seattle? How 'bout heartsick in Honolulu!

The dating website, Chemistry.com, says Honolulu ranks number one in the nation when it comes to looking for love on-line, late at night.

We're wired - maybe even tired. But it seems Honolulu singles will forgo 40 winks for a fun night of internet flirting. "It's a way of hitting a nightclub without actually having to get dolled up," says Honolulu resident Lauren Murata.

Honolulu's sleepless singles surf for love into the wee hours - followed by:

Virginia Beach, VA

Nashville, TN

Scottsdale, AZ

Brooklyn, NY

Long Beach, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Henderson, NV

Fresno, CA

Mesa, AZ

New York - the city that never sleeps - didn't even make the cut. "We're bored. You know, we've already watched the late night news and all the TV shows that we like and checked the email 50 times, and so what else do you do?" says online dating user, Thomas McCurdy.

Chemistry.com created its top 10 list by examining which cities - across six time zones - were most active on its website between midnight and 6 a.m. And let's face it. Working 9 to 5 has become a luxury, so late-night networking has become a necessity for night owls.

Matchmaker Ami Allan isn't surprised by the study. "Hawaii is actually very different from the mainland," she says.

Allan works for the local company Matchmaking Introductions Hawaii. She says there isn't as much opportunity for busy professionals to meet new people, like they do in bigger cities. Plus, on an island, everybody knows everybody.

"Their life is going from home to work and back and forth, weekends you hang out with your same friends, you know, BBQs, family parties, same people there, as well, so it's just very difficult," Allan explains.

Whether you search on-line or mobilize a matchmaker, she advises the lovelorn to always look for a relationship where the other person wants the same things in life that you do.

If you're interested in a free night of flirting, Chemistry.com is hosting an "Up All Night" session on Thursday, August 30th – where new and existing members can search its website at no cost – and where some Hawaii insomniacs will, no doubt, be surfing for love.

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