Republican John Carroll endorses Democrat Mazie Hirono

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - John Carroll who recently lost the Republican primary for U.S. Senate to Linda Lingle has endorsed Lingle's next opponent Democratic nominee Mazie Hirono.

"I believe that Ms. Lingle is a clear and present danger to the economic and political health of this beloved State of Hawaii," said Carroll.  "Given her record as Hawaii's Republican Party Chair from 1999-2002, she only helped to elect one Republican State Senator out of 25 and eight Republican State Representatives out of 51, which is simply abysmal.  Her accomplishments and failures as Governor are equally depressing."

Carroll says he is not leaving the Republican Party and will be voting for Republican candidates for the U.S. House, State House and State Senate.

Carroll received just under 6% of the vote in his primary against Lingle.

During a Friday news conference Hirono says that she is "happy to cross that aisle to work with anybody to do what's best for Hawaii."

The Lingle campaign released the following statements on John Carroll's endorsement of Mazie Hirono. 

"Most endorsements are special and meaningful, while others don't mean a hill of beans. John Carroll falls into the latter group by trying to once again put himself in the limelight by standing with a candidate with the most liberal voting record, after working hard and failing to be the grandfather of a conservative group of party faithful.

"In what has become a personal vendetta, he has embarrassed those in the party that once supported him.

"Finally, in his last three races (2002, 2010, 2012) he didn't garner more than 10% of the vote. Carroll has not been a serious candidate and this is not a serious endorsement."  

Lenny Klompus, Deputy Campaign Manager / Communications Director

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