Jer's Gourmet Chocolates

(HawaiiNewsNow) - A high quality, but whimsical company that also has a fantastic American entrepreneurial story to it. All-natural peanut butter and chocolate is used as a base for all of the Jer's chocolate confections. In 2001, Jerry Swain left a successful corporate career to turn his well-loved, special recipe for peanut butter and chocolate confections into a business venture. With encouragement from family, friends and chocolate lovers everywhere, Swain has created a niche in the gourmet chocolate industry. In creating irresistibly unique confections, Jer's Chocolates strives to offer an all-natural product made with the highest quality ingredients and is passionate about perfecting its combinations for the absolute best taste.

His product line began with what was affectionately referred to as "Jer's Balls," now "Jer's Gourmet Chocolates." Recently, he launched the "Jer's Squares," which are great treats for afternoon pick me ups and are perfect for a dessert in children's lunches.

Jer's Gourmet Chocolates, Gift Boxes

- Jerry's original recipe, which was created while on study break from college

- He brought them back to friends at school and year after year they requested them, lovingly called "Jer's Balls" then

- Available in a variety of flavors covered in milk, dark, and white chocolate

o Pretzo-Chango, Cara-Mella, Toffee Break, and Original (just the all-natural peanut butter and chocolate)

Jer's Peanut Butter Bars

- Gourmet peanut butter and chocolate candy bar

- Available in four flavors: Original, Pretzo Chango, Cara-Mella, and Toffee Break

- Perfect afternoon pick me up

Jer's Squares

- Newest product offering

- Coming soon to Hawaii

- Great for Halloween, quick sweet snack on the go

Jerry will be doing a box signing at Neiman Marcus from 11 AM - 3 PM on Thursday the 16th.

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