EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: HPD officer escapes burning squad car

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: HPD officer escapes burning squad car
Osman Haslam
Osman Haslam

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Honolulu Police officer is hospitalized after a chase, crash and car fire.  It all happened on Lualualei Homestead Road near Puhawai in Waianae at 1:00 in the afternoon.  The officer is recovering tonight from non-life threatening injuries.  It could have been worse as a fellow officer pulls him out of the crashed car before it goes up in flames.

"We have some electrical lines that are popping," said a witness in exclusive video taken at the crash scene which shows the car on fire and downed power lines on the roadway.

"The car hit the pole and the pole fell on the ground," said Osman Haslam, Witness.

It all began with a call of a man attacking a woman and dragging her into a car.  Two officers caught up with the car but the driver wouldn't pull over.  The pursuit was on.  A third officer came to help but somehow crashed into the pole.

"I heard his tires squealing and the next thing I know we heard him running into a telephone pole," said Haslam.

That's when a fourth officer arrived and pulled his injured colleague out of the crashed car just in the nick of time.  He was not burned but does have non-life threatening injuries from the crash.

"As the car was burning the power lines started getting hot and they expanded and a couple of them popped and that pop from the power lines moved everybody back some more. We didn't want to get electrocuted or anything," said Haslam.

Firefighters put out three brush fires and the car fire.  No other property was burned.

Police did eventually catch the suspects.  Two men were arrested including a 39 year old Wahiawa man for abuse of a family member and refusing to stop.  A 28 year old Kapolei man was also arrested for driving without a license and refusing to stop.  The fact they were both booked for not stopping means may have tried to change drivers during the chase.

One of the suspects was also taken to the hospital for not being in the right frame of mind.  Tests will show if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The woman who was assaulted was not hospitalized.

It's unknown how long the injured officer will be sidelined.

There were 700 people were without electricity because of the downed power line.  Hawaiian Electric says they all had power back by about 6:30 pm.

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