Local Connection: Tourism Industry

Local Connection: Tourism Industry

By: Rick Blangiardi

A series of announcements by a number of airlines recently have signaled a new day ahead for Hawaii.

Our tourism industry is about to create more jobs, especially on neighbor islands.

Japan airlines is profitable again, and flying full to Hawaii, making that segment of our economy feel safer. Both Hawaiian and Jetstar have announced more seats from Australia, whose dollar is now stronger than ours.

New alliances aim to bring us thousands more visitors from China. Both Hawaiian and Island Air intend to add flights between islands. That might prove to be the most important of all.

More interisland connections make it easier for international visitors to venture beyond Waikiki.

With neighbor islands even more dependent on tourism than Oahu, this is critical in a time of recovery.

It's time to put our game face on - you know, the one with the welcoming smile on it!

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