Local Connection: Athlete Issues

Local Connection: Athlete Issues

By: Rick Blangiardi

One UH football player gets pulled over for drinking and driving, and maybe some people think, boys will be boys. Two get DUI's, and we all start to wonder. Three, starts to look like carelessness.

And now Colt Brennan faces some pretty serious charges. From my own coaching days, i am, shall we say, aware of the sometimes high spirits of college athletes. But nobody knows better than those young athletes especially, that success in athletics is, at the very least, about self control.

It is about discipline and loyalty to your teammates.

I know from first hand experience that young men are capable of some pretty intense behavior.

And I also firmly believe that young men and women are capable of discerning right from wrong.

They are most surely capable of some exemplary behavior. Our hearts may break to see our favorite players get in trouble. But making excuses for them is a betrayal to the *other* players.

The ones who don't misbehave and who are truly outstanding role models.

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