Campaign 2012: Senate Race with Ed Case

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Former Congressman Ed Case is in studio with us today, talking about the issues in the Senate campaign. He talks about his stance on the economy, immigration, budget and a new poll that puts him in the lead.

Case says the main issue he believes puts him apart as Senate candidate is the need to realistically confront the issue of the budget. He says getting the budget under control is a priority.

"First we need to level out growth in federal spending and expire some of the Bush tax cuts, especially on the wealthy," Case said.

Generating more money and jobs for Hawaii is also a major factor in the campaign. Case said you have to focus on taxes and regulations at a national level -- if you don't get those right, you're going to destroy economies across the country. Locally, we need to focus on what Hawaii does best, including tourism and agriculture. He also discussed education as an industry and the importance of energy.

A new Civil Beat poll puts Case in the lead at 47 to 46 against Mazie Hirono.

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