Judge revokes bail for alleged killer Toby Stangel

Judge revokes bail for alleged killer Toby Stangel
Toby Stangel
Toby Stangel
Toby Stangel in court on Wednesday.
Toby Stangel in court on Wednesday.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - If he is found guilty of murder and attempted murder, Toby Stangel could face three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

"The person potentially will die in prison," Circuit Court judge Glenn Kim said. "That in and of itself is enough to make the possibility of flight a real one."

Kim heard two motions in the Stangel case Wednesday. One was to revoke Stangel's $5 million bail. He's accused of a shooting spree last year that killed a mother of ten as she sat in her van at a Kapahulu intersection. Two others were wounded. Police said Stangel also fired at officers before he was apprehended.

"The defendant was found with a Nevada driver's license," deputy prosecutor Dwight Nadamoto said.

Nadamoto said the Nevada license proves Stangel has out-of-state ties and could flee if he somehow made bail.

The defense refuted that claim.

"He was born and raised in Hawaii," public defender Edward Aquino said. "There was a brief time that he lived in Nevada, but his connections are significant here in the state of Hawaii."

In the other motion, Stangel petitioned the judge to release him to the custody of his father, Mike Stangel, the pastor of North Shore Christian Fellowship.

In a pre-hearing statement to Hawaii News Now, Samson Naupoto, one of the shooting victims said, "I don't think it's a good idea. I'm worried about the well-being of the people of Hawaii."

Aquino argued against the prosecutor's bail revocation request.

"We believe that the $5 million is sufficient to ensure Mr. Stangel's appearance in court," he said.

Kim sided with the state.

"Motion to commit without bail is granted. Bail is revoked in this case," he said.

The no-bail order canceled Stangel's supervised release request. He will remain behind bars. His trial is set for the first week of October.

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