Family remembers woman killed in Kaneohe hit-and-run

Family remembers woman killed in Kaneohe hit-and-run: 10 p.m. report
Norman Salva
Norman Salva
Sam Salva
Sam Salva
Lany Salva
Lany Salva

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Family members of Lany Salva went through the difficult talk of going through what was recovered near the crosswalk where she lost her life.

A hit-and-run crash in Kaneohe killed the 38-year-old Salva as she crossed Kamehameha Highway near Pahia Road in a marked crosswalk Tuesday night, according to police.

Salva's husband, Norman, held some of the items recovered from the scene, including her shattered cell phone and some pieces of jewelry, including one of her earrings.

Meantime, a few of Salva's friends and relatives were mourning at the crosswalk Wednesday when something caught the eye of one of them. It was the other half of the pair of earrings Salva was wearing.

"This is the one. This is her," the friend said, clutching the tiny golden earring in her hand.

It was just a small remnant of Salva's life, which included her husband and three children, the youngest of them just two years old.

"I loved you and I'm sorry for the things I've done to hurt you," said Salva's 16-year-old son, Sam, his eyes welling with tears. "I know you tried to make me a good child and sometimes I don't listen, but I already miss you and thank you for having me in this world."

"Oh my wife, she's a good person, a good wife, number one, number one for me and her family. She's number one. So right now it hurts," said her husband Norman. "It's hard right now because I'm the one who only works right now, no more my wife, so, I don't know. It's hard already."

Many people in the area said the crosswalk is dangerous, including a woman who said she was hit while using it. "About two and-a-half to three months ago I was crossing the street coming this side, and had a Jeep that stopped because I was in the crosswalk, and a truck went around the Jeep and it hit me," said Kaneohe resident Terry McDougall, who suffered hip injuries.

McDougall said drivers don't stop for pedestrians in that crosswalk. "You see kids, you see elderlies. They don't even wait for the old people to cross, they yell, 'hurry up,' you know? It's sad," she said.

Salva's son has a message for the hit-and-run driver: "At least drive safe. You hit my mom, and I loved her. And I can't see her any more."

Anyone with information is being asked to call CrimeStoppers at 955-8300.

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