Jet ski accident victim died from head injury

Jet ski accident victim died from head injury

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Honolulu Medical Examiner said Kristen M. Fonseca of Vacaville, Calif. died of intra cranial hemorrhage due to blunt force injury to the head from a jet ski accident.

The 16 year old was riding the thrill craft in Keehi Lagoon Sunday afternoon when she collided with another jet ski ridden by a 20-year-old visitor. She died at the hospital Monday. He remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Fonseca was vacationing with her father, mother and brother. She would have been a junior at Vacaville High School. The next school year starts next Thursday.

In postings on his Twitter site, Kevin Fonseca,  Jr. said his "heart has been shattered" by his sister's death.

Kristen was on a water craft rented from Aloha Jet Ski. The company's website said customers can rip around the Pacific and have the time of their lives. The business shut down operations MOnday and Tuesday.

The State Department of Land and Natural Resources is investigating the accident.

"It will take as long as needed to dot the I's and cross the T's. It's typically a very lengthy process. We just want to make sure we complete it properly," said Randy Awo, DLNR Enforcement Chief.

Awo said he will try to determine if rules and statutes were violated. He'll also interview eyewitnesses and others.

"In Hawaii we probably have some of the strictest rules regarding commercial jet ski operations," said Ed Underwood, DLNR Boating and Ocean Recreation Administrator.

The Visitor of Aloha Society of Hawaii is assisting the Fonsecas.

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