A comedy-drama called THE INTOUCHABLES is a box office hit in France.

It deserves to be a big hit in this country too.
Loosely based on a true story, THE INTOUCHABLES is a feel-good, crowd pleasing movie about the unlikely friendship between a rich, quadriplegic white man and the black ex-con he hires to help take care of him.
Seriously, you may even forget that you're reading subtitles as you watch this delightful, even uplifting french film.
Omar Sy (a French TV star) is Driss, a handsome, charismatic ex-con who gets a job taking care of Dustin Hoffman look-alike Francois cluzet as Philippe, a wealthy Parisian who's paralyzed from the neck down.

Driss's new live-in digs are a far cry from the crowded housing project he's used to.

But Philippe's friends are worried that a parolee may not be a good person to watch over him.
Friend: These street guys have no pity.
Philippe: That's what I pity.
Philippe's life has been limited, to say the least, since his wife passed away and he lost the use of his limbs. But the cheerful, always smiling Driss introduces some fun into this widower's straight laced life.

It's the classic situation of two opposites discovering they have a lot to offer each other.

Driss learns compassion and responsibility while Philippe discovers he can let loose and have some fun.

Of course, there are complications, and everything that happens isn't completely believable, but the trust and friendship that develops between these two men is very real.

Plus, there are some wonderful surprises that are sure to make you smile.

I know that many people avoid foreign films because they don't want to read subtitles. If that's your position, I'm almost sure you won't regret making an exception for THE INTOUCHABLES.