Kalihi residents allegedly attacked by group of teenagers

Kalihi residents allegedly attacked by group of teenagers

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some Kalihi families are upset about a growing crime problem in their neighborhood. They're teaming up to take action against a group of teens they claim are causing the problems.

They say that the teenagers have been setting fires, breaking glass bottles, and beating people up for no apparent reason.

"After they pushed me I was scared," said Jordynn Cummings.

Jordynn Cummings was in shock. She recalled what happened Thursday afternoon near her home on Kono place when a group of about 15 teenagers allegedly attacked a 30-year-old man.

"He was in front of me and he was bleeding," said Cummings. "His mouth was bleeding and he had cuts on his eye, and he had one slipper, and I didn't know what was happening."

Cummings was standing in her garage, the same place the victim was trying to hide. Neighbors saw what happened next.

"They came up this way and then next thing you know they was conking the guy over here and shoving the girl, one individual boy was doing most of the damage," said David Nahinu, who lives nearby.

Residents are now taking the next step and contacting authorities. That's just one of several ways this community is trying to fight back.

"During my youth we didn't have this kind of violence here on this street, now it seems like its escalating, we see this almost daily," said Brian Oshiro, a long time resident of Kono place.

Residents say that the violence isn't limited to assaults.

"I was sitting here in front of my garage and then we just heard pop pop pop, like fireworks, and we looked right across the street and the smoke just started and that thing went up fast," said Nahinu.

David Nahinu has lived in the area for five years. He says that fire happened two weeks ago, and is just one of already six fires the teenagers have started since he moved in. He also tells us he witnessed the kids trying to break into his car that was parked in his garage.

"When I yell at them they just, like I'm nothing man, so I get kind of weary because I get grand kids and stuff," said Nahinu

"I just hope that we can stop them because there really is no reason that they're doing this to us, we haven't done anything to them, this is just our neighborhood," said Cummings.

Representative John Mizuno organized Saturday's community meeting. His plan of action includes creating a neighborhood watch, clearing out the overgrown brush that residents say the kids hide in, and getting police to patrol the area more often.