Neighbor helps police nab Mililani burglar

Crystal Lane
Crystal Lane

By Monica Parise

MILILANI (HawaiiNewsNow) - A sharp-eyed neighbor helped police track down a burglar's getaway car in Mililani on Thursday, but not before a nanny got the scare of her life.

Crystal Lane works as a nanny at home on Moha Street. She says burglars, apparently thinking no one was home, made her and the kids she cares for the target of an easy heist.  

"I bet they didn't expect that they had kids with the baby sitter," Lane said. "I guess they just decided to come on in when they thought they could."

Imagine the nanny's surprise and shock when the suspect walks right through her garage and kitchen, and grabs the purse off this counter. Meanwhile, it's noon and she's feeding the baby in her own living room and her boyfriend's watching TV.

Lane says they both jumped up and confronted 36-year-old Dave Morales Medrano who had stuffed his pockets with her employer's valuables.

Alert neighbors noticed the alleged getaway car nearby and snapped photos of the license plate. They thought it was strange when the suspects sauntered casually to their car with the stolen loot, one even smoking a cigarette.

With tips from neighbors, police captured Medrano within an hour and recovered the stolen belongings from the car.

Lane says while she's not the first to be victimized by a stupid criminal, her dog, Buddy, failed her in the security department.

"It's funny because the dogs bark when there's no people and then is quiet when there's people," Lane said.

Lane says she's thankful neighbors stepped in when Buddy did not.

"I think its super cool that everybody has everyone's back," Lane said. "It's just nice to know that there's some people who really try to keep a look out for everybody else."

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