Storage site draws huge city fine

Storage site draws huge city fine

MANOA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hopena Way in Manoa is a quiet side street bordered by homes that rent to students and singles. Some are complaining about what's at the end of the road.

"It just looks like somebody has dumped their rubbish there and they're not doing anything about it," Julie Kemmis said.

There are cement blocks, wooden pallets and stacks of PVC pipes. There are traffic barricades, an old car covered by a tarp and large storage containers. There's also an accumulation of things on the other side of a chain link fence.

"It is Hawaii. I'd rather see something nice rather than an eyesore," Kama Alo said.

Carroll Cox of EnviroWatch was alerted to the site through an anonymous letter.

Copies were sent to Mayor Peter Carlisle and City Council member Ann Kobayashi. The letter accuses people of using the property as a personal dumping ground.

Cox checked with the City Department of Planning and Permitting.

"There are no permits for this, This storage and materials here, the ladders, the car, and I don't know what is all under there," he said.

The metal storage containers are rented by Tom Heinrich. He runs the office that oversees Oahu's Neighborhood Boards.

"It's not my real property. It's not my personal property," he told Hawaii News Now by telephone.

Heinrich said he personally rented the containers to help an acquaintance, Lisa Chang, store her household items.

"The people involved in this have actually received a notice of violation," Cox said. "It is pending now -- substantial fines."

One year ago the city issued a Notice of Order to Lisa M.L. Chang. It advised her that having the metal container without a building permit and storing personal items on the site is a violation, even though her family owns the property.

The fine is $100 a day for illegal storage.

"You cannot do this. You need a permit," Cox said.

People who live off Hopena Way don't know who's responsible for the items, but they wish they were gone.

"I've never seen anybody actually go there and open the containers or bring the car in and leave it there," Alo said.

As of Tuesday, the fine against Chang was $37,900.

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