Back to school preps in high gear

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Tens of thousands of public school students are headed back to school on Monday.

Drivers are being advised to adjust their driving times in order to avoid off-peak hours, and to be extra cautious when traveling in school zones.

Stores around town are also dealing with traffic jams.  Aisles at Fisher Hawaii Sunday afternoon were packed with parents and their kids, looking for last minute supplies.

After experiencing the shopping chaos, one mother says she plans to start earlier next year.

"We went to other stores and we couldn't find anything, so our last resort was here, but we got everything, even though it was last minute, we learned our lesson, not last minute", said parent Rayline Fernandez.

"We do overnight stocking and we do morning stocking and every day it's out.  We always have to restock", said Shenalyn Borromeo of Fisher Hawaii.

Most private schools will start next week, and University of Hawaii students begin their Fall term in mid-August.

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