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UH Athletic Department undergoes Audit

Rockne Freitas Rockne Freitas

Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) – The University of Hawaii has been hit with some painful publicity from the Stevie Wonder concert controversy to players being arrested for DUI. Now, the acting Athletics Director is looking to fix any problems in the department.

Rockne Freitas stepped in for UH Athletics Director Jim Donovan earlier this month after the cancellation of a Stevie Wonder concert. With a new person in the school's Athletic Director seat, comes a new direction.

Freitas is implementing an operational audit of the department. It's his way of setting a baseline. What he calls "Administration 101." 

"What you're doing good, what you're doing mediocre, what you're doing bad, that's a baseline," said Freitas, "hopefully nothing's going on bad."

Reporter, "How do you define bad?"

"Due diligence, due diligence is everything that we should do before making decisions, abbreviating due diligence is bad to do," said Freitas.

The review of the department's $30-million, 21-sport operation is being done by the school's Office of Internal Audit. When asked what the school will do with the information, Freitas says…

"If it's a smoking gun, were going to correct that immediately, and if it's something that we should look at, were going to look at it, and capitalize on our good things."

Freitas doesn't know how long the audit will take to complete but he did say this review is not associated with the investigation of the Stevie Wonder concert, where a $200,000 deposit from the school's athletic department went missing. The local promoter who put together the failed deal, Bob Peyton, has a history of financial problems.

That aside, even while Rockne Freitas's position may be temporary, he's looking to do the best he can with what he has.

"I'm a student centered guy so I pay attention to student athletes and support the cultures and staff. That's what I'm focusing on, the welfare of the student athletes academically, athletically and socially."

When Freitas was asked what's going well in the department, he immediately said the personnel there have good energy, and that he's excited about opening training camp.

As for his future as acting Athletic Director, he says he's just taking it month to month.

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