Do not enter: Sailors banned from 7 more businesses

Do not enter: Sailors banned from 7 more businesses

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Military personnel have always been held to a higher standard so getting high is certainly not allowed.

Even if a sailor is in civilian clothes they are not allowed in specific businesses that sell things like the new synthetic drugs or drug paraphernalia.

"We're in charge and run billions of dollars in equipment with warships, submarines and aircraft and the country and the taxpayers don't want military members using drugs and neither do we," said Command Master Chief Brian Ortega, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.

The Navy is reaffirming its stance against drugs by adding seven more businesses to the places all Navy members from the top down cannot go into.

"They sell drug paraphernalia, they also sell the synthetic drugs, and designer drugs, spice, and the bath salts young adults are using right now," said Master Chief Ortega. "Those items are prohibited through the uniform code of military justice for our sailors."

The stores that are off limits include Smokey's, the Dungeon/Flesh/Sexopolis/After Hours/The Shelter, South Shore Glass, Oahu Glass, Hawaiian Holy Smokes I and II and Hawaii's Natural High.

"We just stopped fighting it and we just abide by it and go with the flow," said Greg Azus, Hawaii's Natural High Owner.  "They want people in the military to go the straight and narrow route and they feel we offer a distraction from that so I can understand where they are coming from."

Hawaii's Natural High says the ban doesn't necessarily hurt business. In some ways it acts as publicity.

"When people come in and they see the list of places that are off limits there is always going to be the few that say oh wow let's see what that's all about that sounds like it must be a cool place if it's off limits," said Azus.

His shop does have plenty of pipes but he does not sell the synthetic drugs like spice, K2, bath salts or herbal incense.

"We're kind of old school we don't mess with any of those fake man made items that are out there like other shops are carrying these days," said Azus.

Hawaiian Holy Smokes used to until yesterday, but pulled it off the shelf when the Drug Enforcement Administration raided hundreds of stores on the mainland seizing millions worth of synthetic drugs.  Because the synthetic drugs are manmade the ingredients change often and will reemerge with a new name to skirt the law.

Regardless if sailors are caught visiting the shops they face disciplinary action.

"Drug use is against our Navy core values and it deters in our unit cohesiveness and unit readiness," said Master Chief Ortega. "There would be some disciplinary actions. We have several ways to go about it depending on what command they are associated with."

Disciplinary action is on a case by case basis but it can lead to being discharged.

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