Mayor vetoes Kailua, Kalama beach business ban

Mayor vetoes Kailua, Kalama beach business ban

KAILUA, Hawaii (AP) - The mayor has vetoed a bill to extend the weekend ban on commercial activities at Kailua and Kalama beach parks.

Mayor Peter Carlisle said Wednesday a total ban might make good sense but that it would be better to pursue island-wide rules.

The city council recently approved the bill, 7-2. Base on that margin, Carlisle says it's likely the council will override his veto.

Many local residents have expressed support of extending the ban to weekdays, saying they don't want their community to turn into Waikiki.

Opponents of the bill say it would hurt those who rely on the beach for their livelihoods.

The ban would include businesses such as water sports classes and recreational stops by tour companies.

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