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Local Connection: CD2 Debate

By: Rick Blangiardi

Last week Thursday, we were very proud to televise a 90-minute debate featuring the top four candidates vying for Mazie Hirono's congressional seat for district 2.  Our intent in presenting these televised debates is to try and provide an in-depth look at the individuals, their beliefs and positions on important issues, and to better inform all of us in making the best decision, when we cast our vote on election day.

Clearly our country and our beautiful state of Hawaii need and require to have as many of you out there, eligible and registered to vote, to do that precisely, to make sure that come our primary elections on August 11th that you show up at the polls to cast your vote. 

Each week, I endeavor to keep my editorials upbeat and insightful but never preachy or condescending to you watching at home.

Please plan to vote on election day, it is not just a privilege…it is our shared responsibility.

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