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Local Connection: Stevie Wonder Fiasco

By: Rick Blangiardi

Many people have labeled the event and announcements surrounding the cancelled stevie wonder concert last week, at best, a fiasco.

Quite honestly, it was very painful to see two long-time friends and colleagues, Jim Donovan and Rich Sheriff, be placed on leave of their duties at the university and subject to all kinds of publicity, rumors and innuendo about their involvement and supposed guilt of some kind in this ugly scenario, including calling in the FBI to investigate.

Before all of this happened, i was struck by the positive buzz that was going around town about how cool it was that there was going to be a Stevie Wonder concert to help raise much needed funds for the financially challenged uh athletic department.  The strong, quick response was best manifested and reflected in robust ticket sales.

Somewhere in there was a great idea for all the right reasons, that went the wrong way.

I don't have the answers or all the facts, but i do have faith and believe the officials at the University of Hawaii, President MRC Greenwood, newly arrived chancellor Tom Apple and interim athletics director Rockne Freitas will handle this matter fairly and responsibly on behalf of the people of Hawaii and the University of Hawaii.

In the interim, there are two good men, Jim Donovan and rich sheriff who have endeavored to serve the UH athletic department well for many, many years who deserve our patience and understanding lest we judge too quickly in error.

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