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Local fans react to 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere, fatal Colo. shooting

"The Dark Knight Rises" movie premiere at Dole Cannery Theaters. "The Dark Knight Rises" movie premiere at Dole Cannery Theaters.

By: Kaitlin Kogachi

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The long-awaited premiere of The Dark Knight Rises was greeted with fans lining up at Dole Cannery for the midnight and 3:30 a.m. showings.

Hawaii News Now was on the scene to get fans' reactions to the movie.

Moviegoers donned Batman costumes and capes to celebrate the arrival of the last installment in the Batman trilogy and generally gave positive reviews.

January Santiago called the movie "excellent" and said she enjoyed it.

Despite the excitement, the premiere was clouded by a fatal shooting that occurred at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Several local fans heard the news while waiting in line and were overcome with shock and horror.

"That's extremely disturbing. I actually was checking the news in between the showing and saw that and was just in shock. I feel horrible that people would do something like that," moviegoer Acachia Schriml said.

The mass shooting occurred at the premiere in a Denver suburb. The suspect, 24-years-old James Holmes, wore a gas mask and released an unknown gas into the movie theatre. He allegedly fired into the crowd, killing 12 victims and injuring 59 people. Holmes was then taken into police custody.

Hawaii fans of the Batman trilogy noted the irony of the connection between the shooting and the plot of the movie.

"I think people try to draw connections between, especially the second film, and how the joker character is kind of just randomly murdering people," Schriml said.

For some, the news of the shooting seemed too similar to a movie plot.

"When I first heard about it, I thought it was a joke. It seemed to be part of a movie, and I'm sure that's what people were thinking when it was happening to them, but that's definitely not ok obviously," moviegoer Christina Rose said.

Although the shooting put a dampener on the opening of the film, even canceling the Paris premiere, The Dark Knight Rises show times in Hawaii will remain unchanged.

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