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Theater Tragedy: At least 12 Killed in Shooting Rampage at Dark Knight Rises Colorado Premiere


We're following tragic news out of Colorado this morning. A gunman stormed a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" and killed at least 12 people. It happened overnight at the Aurora Colorado Multiplex, where eager fans had lined up for hours to be the first to see the movie. According to witnesses, 24 year old James Holmes burst through the door about 30 minutes into the movie, threw a gas canister,  then started firing at random. Some initially thought the gunfire was part of the movie. Holmes has been arrested and we're learning more details this morning about him and the tragedy at the theater.


Shocked movie goers couldn't believe what happened. A few of the comments. "Scary situation. I have a son, first thing we see when we come out of the movie theater, eye opening, a young girl with bullet wounds in her leg, blood all over, I don't ever want to see that again." Another described the chaotic scene this way, "Chaos you saw injured people.. one guy on all fours crawling, one girl spitting up blood. One guy stripped to his boxers looked like was shot in the back it was crazy."


It didn't take long for word of the shooting to spread on Social Media. On twitter, people are sharing their condolences with #theatershooting. We'll share the latest tweets coming in.

We'll have live coverage, including reaction from local movie goers and the President's response on Sunrise.

Tannya Joaquin

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