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Pali Momi's powerful x-ray machine in 3-D

Dr. Abhi Koli Dr. Abhi Koli
Dr. Gordon Ng Dr. Gordon Ng
Teri Okita speaks with Majorita Jaralba Teri Okita speaks with Majorita Jaralba
PEARL CITY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Doctors say it works faster than a heartbeat and more accurately than any other machine of its kind. Pali Momi Medical Center was the first in the state to introduce something called a 320 slice CT scanner.

The two million dollar X-ray imaging machine is the most advanced, fastest "computed tomography" - or CT scanner - in the state.

It measures subtle changes in blood flow or checks for blockages in vessels as thin as a toothpick. "With a 320 slice, it gives us the ability to scan through the entire heart in so quick of time, that you only need to do it with one heartbeat," explains cardiologist Dr. Abhi Koli.

That's different from its predecessors - which have to piece together images from three or four heartbeat to give doctors the full picture.

53 year old Majorita Jaralba has been experiencing chest pains recently. As a low-to-intermediate risk heart patient, she was the perfect candidate for this scan.

On average, the procedure takes about 15 minutes, and doctors can see the results almost immediately.

They study the pictures in 3D - looking for any abnormalities. They can spin the heart 360 degrees and cut through images like bread slices - horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Dr. Koli says, "I can, literally, reconstruct the heart from every single possible angle."

The machine's speed helps limit errors and a patient's exposure to radiation. "It's very helpful in elderly patients, debilitated patients, and even, if necessary, pediatric patients," says Dr. Gordon Ng, Director of Imaging at Pali Momi.

The 320 slice CT scanner can give patients instructions in up to 20 different languages and can used for many different organs and areas of the body. Only 100 hospitals across the country have this type of CT scanner in their facilities

Minutes after the procedure, the team was able to give Jaralba a prognosis. "The doctor said it's okay. It's really good," says Jaralba. Really good and really reassuring - something Jaralba will gladly take to heart.

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