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Hunting dogs attack bull, which tramples man

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It was a wild scene in Waimanalo on Tuesday, when a pack of hunting dogs attacked a bull, biting it in the face, body and genitals.  That sent it into a survival mode tailspin, and a neighbor wound up hospitalized.

The bull, which was three-years old and 1,700 pounds, was attacked by as many as four hunting dogs. The bull busted out of its pen and went into the neighbor's yard where, it trampled on Robbie Rodrigues.

"I was trying to scramble away but the big head and face was in my face and on me and stomped on me. I tried to get up but knew I couldn't walk and he pounced on me again. My nephew rolled me over and thought I was dead," said Robbie Rodrigues, the victim of the bull's rampage.

His blood and several marks from the bull's horn were left behind on the ground. Rodrigues has a separated hip and shoulder, 26 staples in his head and plenty of pain.

"It was nuts," said Rodrigues.

The crazed was cornered and shot, which his owners at New Town and Country Stables said had to be done.

"To try and get in there where he was, somebody would have got hurt worse. We decided to put him down for the safety of the public. He was only about 100 to 150 feet from the (Kalanianaole) Highway," said Bud Gibson.

Gibson raises and trains livestock. The bull was one of 20 and had a lot of potential. He had plans to send it to rodeo's on the mainland. Unfortunately he says a careless hunter cost all of that.

"If they don't have control of their dogs, they shouldn't have them, that's the bottom line," said Gibson. "It's just sad those dogs were where they shouldn't have been."

The accused hunter is Jason Colbert. Investigators say he faces fines up to $2,000 for each count of reckless dog. At least four dogs were involved.

Authorities also say the hillside where the dogs came from is conservation land and no hunting is allowed up there.

"It's a tragic situation. We have a bull that had to be put down prior to our arrival and someone had to be rushed to the hospital so we will be looking into this," said Keoni Vaughn, Hawaiian Humane Society.

We're also told Colbert's dogs attacked a pet pot belly pig in May. A complaint was filed in that case as well.

It turns out Colbert is the victim's nephew. They have spoken today and may work something out.

We also spoke with Colbert but he said his lawyer advised him not to talk with the media.

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