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Hinshaw was briefed about ill-fated UH concert plans

Virginia Hinshaw Virginia Hinshaw
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Honolulu (HawaiiNewsNow) – The former UH Manoa chancellor said Tuesday she was "briefed" on plans for the Stevie wonder concert that the university canceled a week ago.

Sources said UH signed the concert contract on June 12, two and a half weeks before Virginia Hinshaw stepped down as chancellor in charge of the university's flagship Manoa campus on June 30.  

Hawaii News Now spoke to Hinshaw Tuesday following a UH groundbreaking event about what her involvement was in the planning for the failed concert, since sources said she knew about the concert, was briefed about it and did not object to any of the arrangements. 

Hinshaw said she was briefed about the event in advance, "just like everybody else was." 

Pressed for more details, she said, "Talk to the current chancellor.  He's the one doing the investigation and I want him to have his space to do that." 

Hinshaw later said she did not formally sign-off on the concert.  UH is paying Hinshaw $287,000 for a ten-month sabbatical before she begins a job teaching at the UH medical school which will pay her $292,000 a year.

Friday, Bob Peyton, the local promoter who put together the failed deal, claimed that the $200,000 in deposit money UH wired to an agent in Florida was no longer missing and had made it to Stevie Wonder's management. 

The new UH Manoa Chancellor, Tom Apple, responded to that claim Tuesday. 

"I have no idea.  I have no idea whether that's correct or not," Apple said. 

Asked if he's been able to verify Peyton's claim, Apple said, "Neither one way or the other.  I'm staying away from the investigation right now, letting that go on while I do some other things here at the university." 

Peyton did not respond to an email requesting on update on the situation. 

The UH placed UH Athletics Director Jim Donovan and Stan Sheriff Center Rich Sheriff on indefinite paid leave Wednesday, while it opened an independent investigation into the botched concert and went to the FBI.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie said he hopes there's no rush to judgment. 

"If there were some mistakes made in the process or people took advantage of some of the goodwill and the good heart the UH, then that will be uncovered and we will deal with it accordingly," Abercrombie told Hawaii News Now. 

The UH has hired the law firm Cades Schutte to investigate what went wrong in the planning for the failed event. 

Donovan oversaw the deal and had Associate Athletics Director Carl Clapp sign the contract for the concert because Donovan was out of town when the contract was finalized June 12, sources said.  Donovan's $240,000-year contract with UH expires March 23, 2013. 

As Hawaii News Now first reported Wednesday, lawyers in the UH's general counsel's office signed off on the contract, a source said. 

And the UH's Chief Financial Officer, Howard Todo, approved wiring the $200,000 to Epic-Talent agents in Miami, the source added. 

On Friday, UH reported 98 percent of tickets have been refunded after UH said the singer had not agreed to the Aug. 18 concert date, and UH canceled the concert last Tuesday. 

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