DUCK DUCK GOOSE! (Foie Gras with Hoisin Chili Sauce)

Foie Gras with Hoisin Chili Sauce

1 slice Foie Gras
Salt and pepper to taste. Dip in Hoisin Chili sauce.  Score foie gras and fry in pan (no oil).  Top with hoisin chili sauce.

Hoisin Chili Sauce
(for the Foie Gras)

2 cups hoisin
¾ of a cup of ketchup
5 Tablespoons sugar
¾ of a cup water
1½ tablespoons sesame oil
½ cup salad oil
1 tablespoon chili garlic sauce
1 tablespoon garlic
3 tablespoons ginger juice, freshly chopped and squeezed in cheese cloth
1 ounce ginger pulp, finely minced