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Organ transplant wait ends for Ewa Beach grandmother

Sabrina Josue Sabrina Josue
Princess Delmundo Princess Delmundo
Derwin Josue Derwin Josue

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - After nine long years waiting for a kidney, an Ewa Beach grandmother received a call on Monday morning that doctors had found a donor. Less than 12 hours later, Sabrina Josue, 47, was in surgery. She is now the first kidney recipient at Queen's Medical Center's new transplant facility. Josue told her daughter about the match over the phone.

"By the tone of her voice, you could tell it was important like this, and I said, 'What? What happened?'" said Princess Delmundo. "She was like, 'I got really important news. I'm so glad you called me.' I said, 'What? Did you get a kidney mom?' She said, 'Yes, I did.'"

Doctors had diagnosed Josue with renal failure. While on the waiting list, she had been undergoing dialysis three times a week.

"She hides it well, but every day after dialysis she's drained. Every other day she goes and she's drained when she comes home," said her husband Derwin Josue.

"Some days she would feel so sick that she can't play with our kids, her grandkids. She would get dizzy. She would have to sit down. There has been times when she's at work and she faints at work," said Delmundo.

Josue used to work as a clerk at Hawaii Medical Center West until it closed. Then she moved to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Center. Her family was thrilled when Queen's stepped in to open a transplant facility after Hawaii Medical Center East shut down.

"Now that it is happening, she is the first recipient at Queen's in the new transplant center. I understand they had four liver transplants, but this is gonna be the first kidney transplant," said her husband.

Roughly 375 people in Hawaii are waiting for a new kidney. Josue's family feels fortunate that they can now focus on the future.

"I'm just hoping that she can go on with her day and not feel tired and not worrying about getting sick," Delmundo said.

"We keep looking for this day, but in the back of your mind sometimes you think it's never gonna come. Then all of a sudden, boom, just falls on your lap," said Josue.

Queen's could receive approval to do pancreas transplants by the end of next month.


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