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"Duke sport" athletes receive $130,950 in scholarships

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By Kaitlin Kogachi

The Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation held a luncheon at the Outrigger Canoe Club Monday to award Hawaii athletes participating in "Duke sports," including water sports and volleyball.

Stefan Reinke, President of the Board of Directors, emphasized the awards go to not necessarily the best athletes, but the athletes who have the same spirit as Duke Kahanamoku, the aloha spirit. "We're looking for people who are part of your community, that want to give back to your community. So all the award winners you see here today, not only are good in their sports, but they're good in their community," said Reinke.

39 college-bound Hawaii scholar-athletes received $100,000 in scholarships. The foundation handed out an additional $30,950 in grants to Hawaii athletes participating in water sports and volleyball and nonprofit organizations.

The highest honor, the $10,000 Ambassador of Aloha Scholarship, went to Catherine Stuck from Lanai High School. Stuck, valedictorian and student body president, is heading to St. John's University in New York and hopes to enter a career in politics. "I just really want to say thank you to everybody who made this possible because without everyone in this room, without all the donors, this would not be possible. I wouldn't have this opportunity. And really, I do want to come back with all the learning that I get from my school, trying to implement it in Hawaii in the best way I know how and just kind of continue this spirit that we have here," said Stuck.

The special guest speaker was Ryan Dolan, a four-time grant recipient from Kailua. The 22-year-old shared his story to inspire the college-bound athletes who are about to start their own journeys. Dolan is a member of the U.S. National Kayak Team with Olympic dreams in mind. Although he missed this year's London Olympics by a fraction of a second, he sees this setback as part of the road to success and remains thankful for his opportunities. "I have to say without the help of the ODKF, I wouldn't have been able to do any of these achievements or endeavors that I have been chasing," said Dolan.

The scholarships and grants are given in honor of Duke Kahanamoku, Hawaii's official "Ambassador of Aloha" and the "Father of International Surfing." Kahanamoku is considered Hawaii's greatest athlete, having won six Olympic medals, including three gold medals for swimming.

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