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MAGIC MIKEis a rousing and satisfying entertainment set in the world of male strippers.
But the many women who've been going to see it are getting more than just dancing eye candy, because MAGIC MIKE is also a heartfelt drama about a stripper who realizes he wants more than money, easy women, and a good time.
Channing Tatum plays MAGIC MIKE, the talented star of an all male strip show managed by Dallas, a silver tongued devil played by Michael McConaughey.

The script is based in part on Tatum's own experience as a stripper when he was just 19 years old.

Of course, it's the well choreographed male strippers that are attracting women to this movie, but MAGIC MIKE is also the warm hearted story of a hunky guy who's looking for a woman who wants him for more than just his body. And he thinks he may have found her in the sister of a 19 year old college drop out that he recently recruited into the strip club. Alex Pettyfer is the novice stripper. Cody Horn is  Brooke, the  sister who's worried that her younger brother will get himself into big trouble.

It might seem strange to call MAGIC MIKE a sweet movie, but that's what it feels like as we watch the popular stripper and the straight arrow sister gradually get to know each other.

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Fans of Woody Allen's MIDNIGHT IN PARIS be warned.
Woody's new film, TO ROME WITH LOVEisn't bad but it's nowhere near as good as that one.

The new film deals with Woody's usual preoccupations: the emptiness of celebrity, the problems of relationships, and the pleasure of one line jokes. Woody himself plays a retired opera director who discovers an Italian tenor who can only perform in the shower.

TO ROME WITH LOVE features an all star cast in a series of amusing disconnected sketches that will be best enjoyed by the director's loyal fans.

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