Buri Daikon

Buri Daikon (Hamachi & Daikon Soup)

2 pieces Hamachi Kama (Yellowtail Collar)
2 pieces Daikon (radish)
4 ounces Ginger

Katsuo Dashi (soup stock):
1 piece Konbu (dried kelp)
8 ounces Katsuo Bushi (dried shaved bonito)
1 quart Water
Shoyu to taste
Sea Salt to taste
Mirin (rice wine) to taste
1 cup Sake

Peel Daikon and cut in oblique. In a pot, boil Daikon in water until tender. Cut Hamachi Kama into four pieces. Boil water in a pot and blanch Hamachi Kama.

For Katsuo Dashi:
In a pot, boil water with Konbu. Discard Konbu just before boiling. Add Katsuo Bushi and rest for five minutes and strain.

In a pot, combine Hamachi Kama, Daikon, Katsuo Dashi and sliced Ginger. Add Sake and bring to almost boil and simmer at below boiling point. Add Shoyu, Sea Salt, and Mirin to taste.

For Needle Ginger: 
Peel ginger and julienne. Rinse in water and set aside.

In a bowl, place two pieces Hamachi Kama and three pieces Daikon. Add the soup. Sprinkle needle Ginger. Serve at once.