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Life sentence for man convicted in teen's murder

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The cuffs were taken off convicted murderer Corbit Ahn as he learned his fate in Circuit Court Monday morning.

Ahn acknowledged his friends and family in the courtroom but otherwise remained relatively unphased as Deputy City Prosecutor, Dean Young, addressed the court.

"Society needs to be protected from this type of individual," said Young.

Ahn was convicted in April for the 2009 murder and sexual assault of 18 year-old Iris Rodrigues Kaikana. The young girl's body was discovered in a dark alleyway near Kamehameha Housing complex.

"Not only was she beaten and strangled, her body was just dumped naked, in a dirty grassy alleyway behind a housing...left for who knows how long, before someone would stumble upon her body," recalled Young.

The victim's father also addressed the court.

"The hardest sentence we got down here is life without parole, that's what he deserve, or if he was somewhere else, he'd get the death penalty," said Iris's father, Steven Rodrigues. "We're lucky, we no more the death penalty over here, because he should have the death penalty."

When the judge asked Ahn if had anything to say for himself Ahn replied, "Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Judge Richard Pollack again asked, "Do you have anything else you'd wish to say?"

"Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand," replied Ahn.

Ahn made no apology to the victim's family, but his mother did. Yet, it wasn't what the family wanted to hear.

"I'm sorry for what happen to your daughter, Mr. Rodrigues, but my son didn't do it," insisted Ahn's mother Cynthia.

"My son is not a violent person," she continued. "He's a protector of his family."

But the judge disagreed. In addition to life with the possibility of parole in ten years, Ahn received three, five year sentences for sexually assaulting Iris and for beating two other men in unrelated cases. Ahn was also ordered to pay various fines and restitution to Mr. Rodrigues and another beating victim.

The judge granted the prosecution's request to classify Ahn as a repeat offender based on a prior conviction for assaulting his wife in 2006. With that, Ahn has to serve a mandatory minimum sentence of ten years in prison, before becoming eligible for parole.

"Based on my knowledge of you, based on the three cases you're being sentenced upon today and other information in the pre-sentencing report, it's my opinion that you are a person who has no compassion, no empathy for others, and a person who lacks any remorse for your conduct," said Judge Pollack. "These character traits make you a very dangerous person who poses a great risk to the safety of the community. "

Ahn's mother believes Iris' real killer is still out there and that new evidence will surface and be grounds for a new trial. Ahn's defense attorney, Donald Wilkerson, told the court he plans to appeal the conviction. 

In the meantime, the victim's father says he plans to make sure Ahn never gets out on parole.

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