Parents of Teen Swept Out To Sea Slam Tour Company

Big Island (HawaiiNewsNow) - Michael and Marriane Madoff thanked many of the Big Island community members but they also directed some terse comments about the tour company's employees. Speaking about a particular Bold Earth staff member, Michael Madoff stated curtly, "You have a small and cold heart. Shame on you."

He held his composure and stood arm in arm with his wife. He began by thanking everyone who helped during the five day long search. "All of the locals who kayaked and walked the shoreline searching for our son, we thank you," said Madoff.

He then continued a word of caution about the tour group that his son had been a part of. "This may be our only opportunity to share with other families considering such a tour, our experience with this company and its representatives," said the father from White Plains, New York.

Madoff accused the expedition group of having shown poor judgement, and having a poor judge of character. "None of the Bold Earth people stayed on the site to continue the search for our son Tyler," he said.

Hawaii News Now spoke to the founder of Bold Earth adventures about the family's statements. "He has not said that to me, but they have lost their son," said Wallis. He also stated that his concern is solely to respectfully support the family in their time of grief. "Their pain is inconceivable, there are no words. We would do anything in our power to have this tragedy to not have occurred," Wallis stated.

The grieving parents then ended with a message addressed to their missing fifteen year old son. "Tyler Vaughn, we love you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the best of your mother and you are the best of me," said Madoff.

Despite their remarks, the Madoffs say they won't take any legal action against Bold Earth adventures.

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