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Environmental group cleans up after Flotilla partiers

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Several hundred people spent the day at a makeshift party called Flotilla.  It's a few hundred yards off the waters of Waikiki.  People get there however they can whether by boat, board or homemade floatation vessels.  Some weren't exactly perfected but that didn't stop the fun.

"Party!" said Amanda Hall, Flotilla participant. "A bunch of boats and a bunch of floaties go out in Waikiki and just hang out."

"Just people getting together and drinking," laughed Leah Barylsky, Flotilla participant.

"Good weather, great weather, just having a good time," said Jim Lujan, Flotilla participant.

A group called Sustainable Coastlines also made a homemade raft but with the environment in mind.  Their garbage can raft went out to collect all the recyclables and garbage that gets left behind by a forgetful drunk. It's an act that is appreciated by regulars to Waikiki.

"With all the alcohol out there and all the high surf it's just asking for trouble," said Ikaika Tomas, beach regular.  "You don't see the Flotilla people with trash bags, so you kind of think where is all your rubbish going? They just pumped out the sand and now you got littering. Ah c'mon now we have to help the ocean be clean you know."

"I know in the past some people get rowdy out there but besides that if everyone just cleans up after themselves there should be no problem. Should be a good time," said Lujan.

Just in case divers with sustainable coastlines also plan to be back out in the waters off Waikiki tomorrow trying to collect the trash that fell to the bottom of the ocean as well.

Lifeguards are monitoring the edges of the flotilla on Jet Ski just in case there is a medical emergency.  One drunk guy was rescued when he fell off a boat and struggle in the water.  He was safely brought to shore.

State Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement (DOCARE) workers are also in the area on boats to make sure things don't get out of control.

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