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Woman attacked behind Kailua High

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Police tape still hangs in the area where a 25 year old jogger says a man pushed her up against the fence and cut both her cheeks with a knife and burned her face with a cigarette.

The victim was able to get away and run to her house to call police. The attack happened at 8:00 Friday night.  It was up where Akiohala Street ends and the back driveway to Kailua High School begins.  The area is dark at night without any street lights.

"I just heard the dogs barking like crazy. I looked out and didn't see anything. Then I saw a bunch of cops come up here," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified.

"I didn't hear a scream or anything and it's so sad," said Kealoha Adams.  "That's really sad. It's devastating. It hurts actually."

Kealoha Adams lives nearby and jogs in the area multiple times a week.

"It's Kailua, a woman can do whatever she wants especially running at night. It's hot during the day. You should be safe running on this block. This is Akiohala, back of Kailua High School, you're safe. I'm surprised something like this happened. I wish I was there," said Adams.

"It's a little unnerving. Especially since I'm right here and I have two young kids and so it's very scary to me. I want to make sure that women don't go running back here, people in general don't go running back here late at night." Becky Zienkiewicz, neighbor.

Some neighbors say they have seen a slight increase in crimes in the area with break-ins and even some escapees from the youth correctional facility nearby.  There aren't homeless in the area although people sometimes come up here to drink or worse.

"I'd see them in front of the house here, it's dark and stuff and doing drugs, having sex, things of that nature. I like to keep that out of my neighborhood," said the unidentified neighbor. "If you're hanging in that area at night you're up to no good. There's nothing back here. The road goes up to the back side of the school. It's all bushes and conservation land, what would you be hanging there for?"

Police say the attack appears to be an isolated incident.  No other similar cases have been reported.

The victim initially refused medical attention at the scene but later went to a hospital with a friend.

The attacker was described as a man 5'7 and 180 to 220 pounds with an average build and dressed in black.  If anyone has any new information on the case call Honolulu Police right away.

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