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Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center

(HawaiiNewsNow) - At first glance Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center looks and sounds like most other preschools on the island. Brightly colors walls proudly display creative artwork of students. Sounds of laughter fill the air as children play dress up, build block towers, string together beads and read books. Teachers expertly multi-task - helping a pair of students share a truck, providing encouragement for another student practicing writing her alphabets and prepping for the science experience they will do later in the afternoon.

But if you look closely, you'll see and hear something very special happening at Sounds of Success. They are Giving the Gift of Language to Hawaii's Keiki. At Sounds of Success preschool you'll hear the sounds of teachers working closely with Speech Therapists to review specific language goals of students so they can provide reinforcement during their classroom lessons. You'll hear the sounds of speech therapists working with students during private sessions and chatting with them during lunch and on the playground. You'll hear the sounds of staff and parents discussing with pride about how a student made his first two-word request, or how another student was able to express why he was upset with a friend, or how another student was able to talk in front of her peers for show-and-tell for the first time. All these sounds culminate into the success stories of their students.

Sounds of Success Preschool and Learning Center is a new local, private, non-profit organization that opened on January 4, 2012. It is the first all-day preschool on Oahu that offers individualized speech-language therapy in an integrated classroom setting. All children ages 2 to 5 years old may enroll.

Lisa Takasaki-Young, Sounds of Success co-founder and speech pathologist, explained, "Our goal is to help all children learn, grow, and succeed in their educational career. At our preschool, we have options for students who might not be eligible for special attention elsewhere. There are many families who have children with delays, but they may have limited or no access to speech-language therapy services. Our program offers speech services to help those families with children who need such services."

As the years go on, Takasaki-Young explained, "Some of these children who do not receive early intervention are at risk for falling behind academically as they get older and the educational demands on them increase. However, by intervening early with specialized support during preschool, the learning gap can be closed or minimized. For many of the children who do receive interventions at an early age, they perform much better when they enter kindergarten, with many children no longer needing special education services or the support they need is lessened."

Sounds of Success Preschool is open to all children for enrollment with or without speech therapy needs. Takasaki-Young stated, "Over half of the students in our preschool do not have any speech-language therapy needs. All children, regardless of whether they have a speech-language delay, will benefit from our rigorous and fun curriculum."

Sounds of Success curriculum is comprised of fun, hands-on lessons with different weekly themes - all designed to foster a variety of skills through art, mathematics, language, literacy, science, social studies, and physical education. Upon graduation from the school, students will have created a portfolio of work and will have mastered kindergarten readiness skills such as reading early sight words, print recognition (alphabets and numbers), phonological awareness, writing, counting, and so much more. In addition to academic skills, Sounds of Success recognizes the importance of pragmatic language and social-emotional skills. The preschool teachers and staff help children learn how to communicate with their peers and build lasting friendships.

Sounds of Success Preschool is conveniently located in Aiea and has year round enrollment. For more information on the school or to apply, click HERE or call 488-2211. The school also has an on-site learning center for children ages 2 to 18 for individual after school speech therapy sessions by appointment.

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