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Dept. Of Education announces cuts to school bus routes

Hawaii's public schools start in just over a month, and parents are going to have to re-adjust their child's ride plans. Below are a list of planned cuts to school bus routes around the state:


 Route        Riders
 Number   Trip  School Service Area (All)



Honolulu   Total Honolulu = 1    

Kaiser complex

=1 school  
H100 A Niu Valley Middle Hahaione Valley 60
H100 B Niu Valley Middle Kalama Valley 52
H2 A Niu Valley Middle Kuliouou 4
H2 B Niu Valley Middle Mariners Ridge 13

Central Oahu Total Central Oahu = 18 *See shuttle note for Mililani Middle and Mililani High  
  Aiea complex =4 schools

C100 A Webling Elementary halawa hgts, camp smith (share bus) 65
C100 B Aiea Intermediate halawa hgts, camp smith (share bus) 25
C100 C Aiea High halawa hgts, camp smith (share bus) 25
C101 A Alvah Scott Elementary enchanted, aiea hgts (share bus) 16
C101 B Aiea Intermediate enchanted, aiea hgts (share bus) 10
C101 C Aiea High enchanted, aiea hgts (share bus) 12
  Leilehua complex =4 schools

C84 A Wahiawa Middle lower wahiawa / upper wahiawa 62
C84 B Leilehua High lower wahiawa / upper wahiawa 48
C144 A Wheeler Middle wiliwili circle (all stops) 34
C144 B Wheeler Elementary wiliwili (stop 1,2,3) 45
C145 A Wheeler Middle camp stover 34
C145 B Wheeler Elementary wiliwili cir (stops 4,5,6) 45
C148 A Wheeler Elementary camp stover 34
  Mililani complex =5 schools

C132 A Mililani Waena Elementary kipapa bridge / hokuiwa / keaolani 23
C132 B Kipapa Elementary Makaunulau (16 acres) 6
C133 A Mililani High kipapa bridge, rec center #2 (share bus) 11
C133 B Mililani High rec center #2 (share bus) 11
C133 D Mililani Middle Uka   37
C134 A Mililani High Kaapeha / Ukuwai 35
C134 B Mililani High Poiki 10
C134 C Mililani Middle waipio valley 30
C135 A Mililani High rec 4, uka  28
C135 B Mililani High melemanu park, waipio valley 3
C135 C Mililani Middle rec center #2 / alake (ridge) 10
C136 A Mililani High kapanoe / ahokele 45
C136 B Mililani Middle alapoai 27
C136 C Mililani Middle rec  4 39
C137 A Mililani High lehiwa (front middle sch) 45
C137 B Mililani Middle kaekae 35
C137 C Mililani Middle red rope (sizzler) 52
C138 A Mililani High rec 6 (lower mauka) 32
C138 B Mililani Middle rec 3 48
C138 C Mililani Middle lalai 28
C139 A Mililani High kuaoa / meheu 32
C139 B Mililani Middle rec 1 13
C139 C Mililani Middle poiki 36
C140 A Mililani Middle walmart / spruceridge 41
C140 B Mililani Middle maiaku 39
C141 A Mililani Middle kipapa park (shared bus) 48
C141 B Mililani Ike Elementary meheu (shared bus) 4
C141 C Mililani Middle ukuwai 48
add back        
4 buses, 10 runs Milillani Middle and High new shuttle bus offset (460)
  Moanalua complex =4 schools

C7 A Moanalua High rim loop - new 25
C7 B Aliamanu Elementary radford terrace 50
C8 A Moanalua High tripler/moanalua valley 19
C8 B Moanalua Elementary moanalua valley/ala napunani 24
C46 A Moanalua Middle tripler/moanalua valley 20
  Radford complex
=1 school

C18 A Radford High catlin / moanalua terrace 40
C45 A Radford High aliamanu crater 10

Leeward Oahu Total Leeward Oahu = 14    
  Campbell complex =5 schools    
LC66  B  Keoneula Elementary Sun Terra/Ocean Pointe 43
LC67 C Ewa Makai Middle Lokahi Greens (Ewa Plntn) 28
LC69 A Ewa Makai Middle Soda Creek 29
LC69 B Ewa Makai Middle Soda Creek 11
LC70 A Ewa Makai Middle Renton Road 70
LC70 B Ewa Makai Middle Renton Road 16
LC74  B  Campbell High Lokahi Greens (Ewa Plantation) 34
LC77  A  Ewa Beach Elem Sun Terra/Ocean Pointe 50
LC77 A Ilima Intermediate Sun Terra 37
LC77 B Campbell High Sun Terra 40
LC79 B Campbell High Sun Terra / Ocean Pt/Summer Hill 21
  Kapolei complex
=3 schools

LK40 B Kapolei Middle Malanai/Kapolei Knolls 35
LK45 A Kapolei Elementary Malanai / Kapolei Knolls 30
LK52 B Kapolei High Malanai/Kapolei Knolls 36
  Pearl City complex
=3 schools

L8 A Highlands Intermediate Peninsula 37
L8 B Pearl City High Peninsula 22
L9 A Pearl City High Manana Housing 50
L9 B Highlands Int Manana Housing 40
  Waipahu complex
=3 schools

L19 A Waipahu Intermediate Upper Hiapo (Int) 31
L19 B Waipahu Intermediate Poailani Cir / Upper Kahuanui /Upper Hiapo 26
L21 A Ahrens Elementary Awalau St 57
L22 A Waikele Elementary Jack Hall Hsg 98
L24 A Waipahu Intermediate Waikele Subdivision 20
Windward Oahu Total Windward Oahu = 7    
  Castle complex =2 schools    
W29 B Kapunahala Elementary Keapuka, Castle Hills 10
W30 A King Intermediate Kumoo, Kuneki, Haiku Village 7
W30 B King Intermediate Kulana Nani Apt., Haiku 1
  Kailua complex =1 school    
W11 A Kailua Intermediate Kalaheo Blvd, Lanikai 22
  Kalaheo complex =4 schools    
W10 B Aikahi Elementary Aikahi Park, Kaneohe Bay Dr 7
W10 A Kalaheo High Oneawa St, Kailua Rd 9
W17 A Kailua Intermediate Middauh, Daly, Conner 40
W17 B Mokapu Elementary Reed, Yarnell, Manning, Lawrence, Campion 4
W20 A Kalaheo High Mokapu Rd, Dodson, Moses, Irwin, Middaugh, Daly, Connor Lp 4
W20 B Mokapu Elementary Harris, Lawrence, Bancroft 15
W21 A Kalaheo High Lawrence, Campion, Harris 3
W21 B Kailua Intermediate Lawrence, Campion, Harris 35
W22 A Kailua Intermediate Harris, Irwin, Moses, Cochran 4

East Hawaii - no service terminated

West Hawaii Total Hawaii District = 1    
  Kealakehe complex =1 school

W282 A Waikoloa Elem and Middle  Waikoloa Gardens, Paniolo Greens, Makana Kai, Waikoloa Hills, Mahina, Ua-Noe, Auhili Lp., Kauhiwai,  45
W282 B Waikoloa Elem and Middle  LuaKula, Laie, AkaUla, Hulu, KilaKila 51

Maui   Total Maui District = 3    
  Baldwin complex =3 schools

C52 A Wailuku Elementary Iao Valley, Wailuku Heights 10
C52 B Iao Intermediate Iao Valley, Wailuku Heights 6
C52 C Baldwin High Wailuku Heights, Iao Valley 14

Molokai - no service terminated


Kauai   Total Kauai District = 7 *KAUAI NOTE=collector routes only  
  Kapaa complex =3 schools

E20 A Kapaa Middle Kilauea Transfers to Roberts 11
E20 A Kapaa High Kilauea Transfers to Roberts 9
E20 B Kilauea Elementary Waipake/Kilauea/Anini 16
E21 A Kapaa Middle Hanalei/Kilauea/Kalihiwai 5
E21 A Kapaa High Hanalei/Kilauea/Kalihiwai 3
  Kauai complex   =2 schools    
W14 A Kamakahelei Middle Kalaheo Heights Transfers 15
W14 A Kauai High Kalaheo Heights Transfers 10
  Waimea complex   =2 schools    
W14 A Waimea High All of Kalaheo Heights 13
W14 A Waimea Canyon Kalaheo Heights Transfers 15
W19 C Waimea Canyon Kalaheo N/C,Transfers to Kalaheo Heights 7

Total riders affected   2,380

Total schools affected

Smallest Route affected = 1 student

Largest Route affected = 98 students

Total routes affected =103


129 Honolulu

999 Central Oahu

861 Leeward Oahu

161 Windward Oahu

96 Hawaii

30 Maui

104 Kauai  

2380 Total riders affected




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