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Slanderous letter attacks board member and her family

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

A neighborhood board meeting turns ugly and ends with police reports being filed.  A letter anonymously left at the sign in table at Wednesday night's Makakilo/Kapolei neighborhood board meeting said "public notice" although it's anything but.  It alleges board member Evelyn Souza of abusing city power and violating campaign spending laws for her boss Honolulu Councilman Tom Berg.  But then the letter goes after her family claiming one son is an illegal gambler, another is a chicken fighter and that her daughter is married to a drug dealer.

"One of you guys writing this say I'm a drug dealer, hey have the balls and come see me to my face and say this kind stuff. I'm sick and tired of this kind of stuff going on every at your guys meeting," said Perry Mason, Souza's son in law who was accused of dealing drugs.

Mason took the microphone at the board meeting to defend his name.

"I work hard for get what my family deserves," said Mason, to those in attendance.  "If anybody got anything for say I'm going to be in the parking lot. Come see me because I don't do drugs. I get one good job. I don't need to deal drugs. So whoever passed this out come talk to me outside."

By that point the meeting was adjourned. Honolulu Police officers were there and Mason left the room to some applause.

"I stick by my kids. Maybe it was reactionary. It surely was not planned. Spontaneity sometimes you have a measured mark, and then maybe you go oh maybe I shouldn't but was anybody in danger? No," said Evelyn Souza, regarding her son in law's comments.

Souza also says all the allegations in the letter are false.

"That's absolute ball face slanderous lies," said Souza. "The mother lioness comes out and I am mad. I am very angry. This is over the top. It's inexcusable, unethical, it is everything you could possibly want and I would imagine a mother, any mother, any father would be thinking the same thing."

As for who wrote the letter, no one fessed up to it but Souza has her suspicions.

"Yes I do. But we'll take care of it another way. I am consulting an attorney and we'll see what I can do," said Souza.

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